ONLINE & Face-to-Face in North Norfolk UK


Who can you work with?

At present, I work with individuals, young adults (aged 18 and over), adults, and older adults. It is my aim is to make the counselling service that I provide as inclusive as I can. I offer sessions by telephone and video-call for those for whom accessing my current therapy rooms is not an option.

What kind of things that you can help with?

It would be impossible to list all the things that counselling can help with, but the following are examples of the most common areas I deal with: Anxiety; Depression; Panic; Relationships; Health Conditions; Carers; Bereavement; Self-harm; Trauma; Work-related Stress. Everyone's story is unique. If you have any doubts about whether counselling might help you, please get in touch.

How long will I need to have counselling?

How long a period of counselling lasts will vary from person to person, and depends on the depth of the issues they are facing. Most people begin with a block of six sessions, which includes the initial assessment. For some people, who want to work on a specific issue this may be enough; they may find some clarity and are ready to move on. For others it may take longer, and a more open-ended approach is appropriate.

Will everything I say be kept confidential?

What we talk about in our sessions will be strictly confidential. However, I am ethically bound to receive supervision from a senior colleague and in these discussions I will ensure that you are not individually identifiable. There are very occasional circumstances where the law would oblige me to break confidentiality, however, these are rare and will be explained to you.

Who decides when counselling ends?

Ideally, the decision to end counselling will taken together, as part of the therapeutic process. It is not recommended to finish all of a sudden, without a mutual, planned ending. However, you do have the right to end at any time should you so wish. All I would ask that you give me a minimum of 24 hrs notice if you decide not to come back.